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  • November 23, 2023 10:08 AM | David McMahon (Administrator)

    Hello Everyone,

    The City has launched a short-term opportunity for residents and businesses to say how they want their tax dollars prioritized in 2024. This is your opportunity to voice your support for funding the police. Please note that the City of Toronto’s budget consultations, are ending on November 30.  See the links below.


    1.       Mayor/City of Toronto survey and input: this link includes a survey link and a link to sign up to depute or attend in-person or virtually at a number of city consultations sessions before the end of November.  Best impact is attending or submitting written submissions/letters/deputations.,the%20City's%202024%20Budget%20webpage


    2. Toronto Police Services Board Public Sessions: Budget 2024:  People can register to depute virtually, in-person, or submit a written deputation.


    For those following the Toronto Police Service on Twitter, @TorontoPolice tweeted the following:



    In addition to this, feel free to share what your priorities are from a policing perspective. We will bring your concerns to our unit commanders.


    Kind regards,


    Lee Anne CHONG | CRU Clerk


    Toronto Police Service | 53 Division Community Response Unit

    75 Eglinton Avenue W, Toronto, Ontario  M4R 2G9

    Phone: 416-808-5319

  • November 18, 2023 5:03 PM | David McMahon (Administrator)


    We have received the following 2 surveys from the City of Toronto .

    The most important is survey #1 relating to new bicycle routes in the City for the period 2025-2027.

    We currently have an existing route on Lascelles but the plan appears to include Duplex as well as Yonge Street north of Chaplin and Davisville.

    Please respond to at least Survey #1 as this issue is important to our community. There is an interactive map where you may make comments.

    The Bicycle Lobby is strong and supported be City Council.

    Unfortunately, our previous encounters with the City on this issue have not been productive and we have felt that our (as well as other Ratepayers Groups were not taken seriously or that they listened to our concerns.


    If you have comments please send them to Councillor Josh Matlow and copy the OPA at


    Expanding Cycling Network: Have your say now!

    The City of Toronto wants to hear from you to help us make recommendations on which bikeways to build, upgrade and study in 2025 to 2027.

    More people are cycling now than ever. The City helps make traveling by bike safer by building bikeways, like physically separated cycle tracks, bike lanes, neighbourhood routes, and multi-use trails. The City is planning where to build and upgrade bikeways next, and we want your input.

    Learn more how you can get involved in person or online by visiting:


    City of Toronto public survey on micromobility (e.g. bikes, e-bikes, scooters, etc)

    The City of Toronto is seeking your feedback and the input from your members on new forms of mobility called micromobility on City streets and bike lanes. These include bikes, e-bikes, scooters and more. The public survey is now live on the city’s website and will be open until December 13.

    The results from this survey will be used along with other public engagement, research and input to develop a city-wide strategy for micromobility, including what new forms of mobility might be allowed in future on streets and/or in bike lanes. For more information, please visit our webpage.

    Kindly circulate the following blurb to your members:

    We need your input to shape the future of micromobility in Toronto! The City is seeking feedback from residents to develop a citywide strategy that addresses micromobility, vehicles that include bikes, e-bikes, scooters and more. Help guide the future of micromobility and fill out the survey today

  • November 12, 2023 2:25 PM | David McMahon (Administrator)

    53 Division has launched it's community website. The link is below:


    We would like to re-launch our 53 Division Website (CPLC) which is an awesome resource for all things 53 !

    Please SHARE the link, , then explore the website !

    It has pictures, stories, crime alerts etc., all related to 53 Division Communities.

    If you have questions, concerns or feedback, or something we should possibly add,  please let us know !

    Thank you

    Constable Timothy Somers #90023

    Toronto Police Service

    53 Division

    Community Response Unit

    Crime Prevention – Community Safety Officer

    Office 416-808-5337

    Mobile 416-473-6314

  • September 25, 2023 4:45 PM | David McMahon (Administrator)

    Recently this story in the attached email, was released by the media. It is about the significant increase in VEHICLE THEFT, causing Toronto Residents to take more extreme measures to protect their vehicles & property.

    Extra measures like installing a steering wheel CLUB, a WHEEL BOOT lock or even driveway bollards are some of the ways people are adding layers of security.

    These do not replace the regular measures like, locking doors, removing valuables , parking inside your garage , securing keys safely in a hidden area inside your residence.

    With some thieves breaking into homes to look for keys, we strongly suggest exterior lighting, hi def. security cameras & alarm systems.

    Please click on the LINK, watch the MEDIA STORY & continue to be vigilant. We can make the community safer by working together.

    Thank you

    Constable Timothy Somers #90023

    Toronto Police Service

    53 Division

    Community Response Unit

    Crime Prevention – Community Safety Officer

    Office 416-808-5337

    Mobile 416-473-6314

  • September 08, 2023 1:49 PM | David McMahon (Administrator)

    News Release

    (opens a print window)

    Public Safety Alert,
    Avenue Road and Chaplin Crescent area,
    Break and Enter Investigation



    53 Division

    Case #: 2023-2020248


    Published: Thursday, September 7, 2023, 3:23 PM



    The Toronto Police Service would like to make the public aware of a break and enter investigation.

    On Wednesday August 29, 2023, police responded to a call for a break and enter in the Avenue Road and Chaplin Crescent area.

    It is reported that:

    • a man entered a residence at some point during the evening while the occupants were home
    • it's believed he remained inside the home for a couple of hours before being confronted by the occupants
    • the man then fled the residence on foot

    The man is described as male, white, 35-40 years, 5’10, thin build and dark hair. He was wearing a grey hoodie and shorts.

    Police are reminding members of the public to ensure the doors and windows of their residences are properly secured in order to ensure that intruders do not have easy access.

    Anyone with information, or video surveillance in the area is asked to contact police at 416-808-5300, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), or at



  • June 23, 2023 8:26 AM | David McMahon (Administrator)

    911 Accidental Call Increase

    Communications Services is experiencing a dramatic increase in call volume. In the last month, this increase has mainly been caused by no response, pocket dial and hang up calls, which make up between 40 and 50 per cent of all daily 911 calls.

    We are making this public service announcement to raise awareness to the problem and give a call to action to the public on how to prevent accidental 911 calls and what to do if they call 911 by mistake.

    How to prevent accidental 911 calls:

    • ·       Review the settings on your mobile phone to choose your emergency alert settings and to lock it appropriately, based on your needs. (Note: review these periodically as your device settings may reset after a manufacturer’s update.) To update your emergency settings:
    • iPhone: click on “Settings” and “Emergency SOS”
    • Android: click on “Settings” and “Safety and emergency”
    • ·       Store your phone properly so it is not bouncing around in your purse or in your pocket to be sat on. If the side button is pressed five times, it could initiate a 911 call.
    • ·       Do not let children play with active or old phones. Even if your old phone is unregistered with no SIM card or cell phone plan, it can still call 911.
    • ·       Do not program 911 into your phone.
    • ·       Do not call 911 to see if it is working.

    What to do if you call 911 by mistake:

    • ·       Stay on the line. When you call 911, the call is tracked in the queue, even if you hang up. Please stay on the line to inform the call taker that you are safe to avoid having them call you back.
    • ·       If you do hang up, an operator will contact you to make sure you are safe. This takes time away from answering other 911 emergency calls.

    Constable Timothy Somers #90023

    Toronto Police Service

    53 Division

    Community Response Unit

    Crime Prevention – Community Safety Officer

    Office 416-808-5337

    Mobile 416-473-6314

  • June 17, 2023 4:17 PM | David McMahon (Administrator)

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you to those of you that were able to join us for our meeting last week. As promised, I wanted to follow up with the public survey. If you haven't done so already, please be sure to spend a few minutes filling out the survey. We would also appreciate it if you could circulate the survey to your groups, organisations, associations and neighbours!

    For those of you who couldn't join the meeting, the survey contains much of the information that we reviewed and discussed together, so you'll have a chance to explore the options for the Phase 1 Implementation Eglinton Park Improvements. 

    You can find the survey on the project webpage here



    Casey Hinton (she/her)

    Senior Strategist

  • May 02, 2023 4:39 PM | David McMahon (Administrator)


    Organized crime groups come into neighbourhoods to source out the cars.  They carry devices that can over ride the key fobs, enabling them to enter the car.  Once in, they drive car away and disable the car’s GPS and drive the car to a harbour to be put into a shipping container and sent overseas.

    Harbour ports/cities have always had a large percentage of stolen cars because it is very easy to quickly load cars into containers.  Organized crime groups are growing and are looking to Toronto for inventory.  It is a very lucrative business: the shipper can sell the car for close to $180.000.00.


    • ·       Good lighting on front and back yard
    • ·       Clamp on steering wheel
    • ·       Brake lock
    • ·       FARADAY BAG  can block the hacker’s signal  but this box has to be placed far away from the from any doors to be effective  It must be placed deep inside the house
    • ·       “After market alarm” (made by a company other than your vehicle’s original manufacturer) which only you can unlock; some devises can only be unlocked by your phone.

    Check the internet/amazon for devises

    The most common models of stolen cars             RANGE ROVER              TOYOTA HIGHLANDER, 

     CHIEF JEROKEE      JEEP WRANGLER,          HONDA CRV,                   DODGE RAM 1500VAN

    LAND ROVER DISCOVERY,                               LEXUS RX 350,               JACUAR F TYPE


    If your car is gone and you are tracking it let the police find it                                                                       

    If you see a strange car on street anytime between 10pm to 4am  call 8082222

  • February 09, 2023 11:22 AM | David McMahon (Administrator)


    The second phase of public consultation for the eglintonTOday Complete Street project begins today, Tuesday February 7th. Please see the following details to help promote the drop-in events and online survey to your neighbours and networks.

    Drop-in Events and Online Survey

    We invite you to attend the second phase of public consultation for eglintonTOday featuring two drop-in events and an online survey to learn more about the proposed road safety improvements, new bikeways, and enhanced streetscaping. Proposed changes include relocation of some on-street parking and reducing the number of motor vehicle lanes in some sections to create space for the complete street features.

    How to Participate

    1. Review the information material available at

    2. Attend one of the Public Drop-in Events:

    Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2023

    Time: Drop-in anytime from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

    Location: Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School, Cafeteria, 1107 Avenue Road (north of Eglinton Avenue West)

    Date: Saturday, February 25, 2023

    Time: Drop-in anytime from 2 to 4 p.m.

    Location: Fairbank Public School, Gymnasium, 2335 Dufferin Street (south of Eglinton Avenue West)

    3. Share your thoughts and participate in the online survey before March 7, 2023.

    Find all details at

    Contact Us

    Telephone: 416-338-7755


  • January 27, 2023 2:38 PM | David McMahon (Administrator)







    6:45 PM: Online Registration Commences

    7:00PM : President’s Welcome

    AGM Meeting Moderator: Ms. Lynne Frank

    OPA Board Members Present:

    • -         Lynne Frank
    • -         Daryle Hunt
    • -         Steve Sims
    • -         Ron Hutchinson
    • -         Deborah Staiman
    • -         Bruce Huggins
    • -         Shelley Ortved – Special Consultant
    • -         Regrets – Heather Harris
    • -         Regrets – Nancy Bell
    • -         Regrets – Richard MacFarlane – Special Consultant
    • President’s Remarks


    Last year we were monitoring 7 major developments in our catchment area and this year we have added an additional 3 for a total of 10 redevelopment projects.

    Nine of the projects are on or bordering Yonge Street and one is on the south side of Eglinton West between Tarlton and Warren Road.

    . This is the updated list from June 2022.

    • -         1910 Yonge Street (W/S north of Chaplin Cres.)-an application is currently under review for a project 2-45 storey high rise buildings which will feature retail  plus 680 residential suites. (No change October 2022)
    • -         1984 Yonge Street (W/S)- an application approved for a project 9 storey high rise building which will feature retail  plus 20 residential rental suites. This project was approved in 2018 but building has not commenced. (No change October 2022)
    • -        
    • -         2010 -2050 Yonge Street  (W/S between Glebe West and Lola Road)-an application is currently under review for a 14 storey high rise building which will feature retail  plus 164 residential suites. (No change October 2022)
    • -         2100 Yonge Street  (W/S -N/W corner of Yonge and Manor Road)-an application is approved for a 14 storey high rise building which will feature retail  plus 164 residential suites. (construction underway October 2022)
    • -         2112-2114 Yonge Street (W/S – S/W corner of Hillsdale West and Yonge -former Sammy’s Garage) approved by the Committee of Adjustment  for 12 storeys and 70 residential units. Construction underway October 2022.
    • -         2128 Yonge Street (W/S N/W corner of Hillsdale West and Yonge (former Firestone Garage) under review  for 12 storey, 80 residential units. (No change October 2022)
    • -         2200 Yonge Street (Canada Square block bounded by Yonge Street /Eglinton West/ Duplex / Berwick). This is a 2-phase redevelopment project currently under review with an anticipated completion date of 10 / 15 years. The OPA Board is actively involved in this process and are advocating for strict traffic measures to control incursion into our community. (No change October 2022)
    • -         25 Imperial Street (S/S between Yonge and TTC ROW)- an application is currently under review for a 14 storey high rise building which will feature 144 residential suites. (No change October 2022)
    • -         26 Imperial Street (N/S between Yonge and TTC ROW)- an application is currently under review for a 9 storey high rise building which will feature 30 residential suites. (No change October 2022)
    • -         523 Eglinton Avenue West – (west of Tarlton)is currently under review for a 7 storey mid rise with 35 rental units. This project is going to the Committee of Adjustment November 2022 for a minor variance.

    Community Involvement

    • -         In the past we have held annual garage sales and Garden of the Year contests. Pre Covid the participation levels dropped but costs including volunteer time and administrative increased. Due to a lack of interest from the community these events have been cancelled for the foreseeable future.
    • -         We are investigating the possibility of holding a community skating party during the winter to develop a stronger multi generational bond . It is our plan to involve the OPJPS Community to promote this event. More information to be forthcoming.

    Approval of AGM Minutes: November 18,2021

    • -         The minutes were approved.

    Treasurer’s Report

    • -         Our Member Surplus  position increased to $12,987 an increase of +/-$1600  over 2021
    • -         Our Expenses decreased by +/-$1800 as there was not a physical  newsletter distribution.
    • -         Membership Dues received were reduced to $2500 in 2022 vs $4310 received in 2021.This was a result of lapsed memberships.The Board is going to actively pursue renewals of the lapsed membership.
    • -         Copies of the Financial Statement are available.

    Overview of operations

    ·      The association collects annual memberships from its members to support out activities.

    ·      The members consist of residents from Oriole Park who have joined the association.

    ·      All residents are encouraged to join the association and we encourage you to encourage your neighbours and friends to join and support our association.

    ·      The Association charges its members $100 for a 3 year membership or $40 for a one year membership.

    ·      There are no paid positions in the Association – all activities are carried out by volunteers.

    ·      Activities of the Association include getting involved in those areas which affect the residents:

    o   Traffic and parking.

    o   Development.

    o   Community Affairs.

    o   Infrastructure.

    o   City Services.

    o   Organizing the Garden of the Year award.

    o   Organizing and advertising for a community garage sale.

    Review of financial statements:

    ·      The annual financial statements consists of a profit and loss statement which shows cash received and recorded as income less cash paid out and recorded as expense for the year ended September 30, 2022.

    ·      The balance sheet presents a listing of the assets owned and liabilities of the OPA as at September 30, 2022.

    ·      The financial statements record only cash transactions, and like the financial statements of all Not for Profit Organizations do not record the financial value of donated services by the many OPA members and other volunteers who contribute their time.

    Fiscal 2022

    • ·      The revenue of $2500 represents contributions from approximately 79 families
    • ·      Expenses, typically include:
    • o   Advertising & Marketing- newsletter costs
    • o   Insurance – Directors and Officers insurance.
    • o   Dues and subscriptions - $50 membership fee in FONTRA.
    • o   Garage sale signs
    • o   Newsletters, office supplies, web site and membership software.
    • Governance and Corporate Administration
    • The Board is currently working on instituting all the requirements that have to be in place for 2024 including but not limited to:
    • -         Amended Letters of Patent (Articles)
    • -         Annual motion for no Audit requirement
    • -         Directors Registry
    • -         Committee Reports
    • -         The Davisville Community Centre 
    • -         The Centre is currently  at the design stage and has been approved with minor conditions at the Committee of Adjustment in October 2022. At present we are participating in the choice of the new art installations.
    • -         Oriole Parkway Revitalization
    • The community has had a preliminary meeting  hosted by Councillor Matlow with  City staff to review the designs. Staff are to come back to us with an advanced design for community input in January 2023. The reconstruction is to take place in mid-2023.
    • Eglinton LRT
    • -          We continue to attend Bi-monthly meetings with Metrolinx / Crosslinx and other community groups including the Eglinton Way BIA and Avenue Road Eglinton Community Association. There is still no hard deadline for completion but the Chaplin and Avenue Road Stations are nearing completion and the streetscape is being restored.
    • -         TPS 53 Division Community Police Liaison Committee.
    • In June2022 the Community Safety Unit was greatly transformed and we no longer have the local manpower that we had become accustomed. Staff Sargeant James Hogan was redeployed and not replaced, and the Divisional Traffic Enforcement was disbanded. The Committee is currently in the stages of being reorganized.
    • .
    • -         Election of the Board of Directors for 2022/2023
    • -         The current Board has stood for reelection namely:
    • -         Bruce Huggins; Daryle Hunt; Deborah Staiman; Lynne Frank; Nancy Bell; Heather Harris; Ron Hutchinson; Steve Sims; David McMahon;
    • -         . Shelley Ortved and Richard MacFarlane will remain on the Board for another term as Special Advisers.
    • -         Adjournment of formal portion of meeting

             Questions to the Board

    • -         Those in attendance asked questions to the Board relating to ongoing development; Oriole Parkway Revitalization ; Redevelopment and protection of Tree Canopy and requested an update of the Canada Square redevelopment.


As we all know our neighbourhood is subject to serious development pressure, and development issues have occupied much of the board’s time. Among these issues are:

Community Development Committee of Adjustment – Single Family Homes

The OPA keeps a close eye on applications for home renovations and tear- downs in our neighbourhood.

We receive details about applications from the Committee including a description of the proposed changes and the deadline for submitting to the committee. We forward information about homes in our area to a special email list. You can subscribe here: Oriole Park Association - Committee of Adjustment notices.

Metrolinx – Eglinton LRT

The OPA is involved in the ongoing process of the development of the new Light Rail Transit line in our area.

One major concern for the community is that Eglinton Avenue is to have restricted lanes westbound between Oriole Parkway and Braemar Avenue for the construction of the Avenue Road Station.

The proposals as detailed below will last until 2021.

The businesses on the north side will have very restricted access and visibility.

The second concern is that Metrolinx in their initial proposal wished to ‘clear cut’ the area on the south side of the North Toronto Community Center between the eastern driveway and the western boundary beside the ‘Art Barn’ building. The area is to be used for storage and construction vehicles

The OPA community involvement is:

  • We attend meetings on behalf of the membership and community as well as sit on a ‘working group’ Chaired by Councillor Cristin Carmichael-Greb (Ward 16) and as supported by our Councillor Josh Matlow ( Ward 22).
  • The working group is comprised of elected officials; Senior City of Toronto Staff including Metrolinx and Crosslinx staff. The local residents associations are represented by the Eglinton Avenue Road Community Association: the Eglinton Park Ratepayers Association as well as the OPA.
  • We will provide updates via our Twitter and Facebook Accounts as well our email subscribers as they come available.

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