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  • April 23, 2024 4:28 PM | David McMahon (Administrator)

    The Eglinton Way BIA  are continuing their very successful Farmer's Market this year every Sunday starting June 2nd and running to October 27th. and we have our Dream Wheels vintage car show event on July 27th.

    Additionally, we have recently launched a Gift Card Program which works like any other gift card for a shopping mall but the difference is, it can only be used only at participating businesses in our BIA. This is a pilot program for Toronto although it has been very successfully done in many cities and communities around the world. It is a great way to support the businesses in our community.

    Our street is coming back to life post construction as our planters, banners and benches that were removed for many years have been reinstalled in the BIA. We are continuing with our plans for additional beautification projects and are looking forward to the installation of six more  original sculptural pieces that we commissioned to enhance our community space. 

  • April 20, 2024 12:32 PM | David McMahon (Administrator)

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    6:45 PM: Online Registration Commences

    7:00PM : President’s Welcome

    AGM Meeting Moderator: Ms. Lynne Frank

    OPA Board Members Present:

    ·       -         Lynne Frank

    ·       -         Daryle Hunt

    ·       -         Steve Sims

    ·       -         Ron Hutchinson

    ·       -         Deborah Staiman

    ·       -         Bruce Huggins

    ·       -         Shelley Ortved – Special Consultant

    ·       -         Richard MacFarlane – Special Consultant

    ·       -         Regrets – Heather Harris

    ·       -         Regrets – Nancy Bell

    ·       President’s Remarks


    Last year we were monitoring 7 major developments in our catchment area and this year we have added an additional 3 for a total of 10 redevelopment projects.

    Nine of the projects are on or bordering Yonge Street and one is on the south side of Eglinton West between Tarlton and Warren Road.

    . This is the updated list from June 2022.

    ·       -         1910 Yonge Street (W/S north of Chaplin Cres.)-an application is currently under review originally for a project 2-45 storey high rise buildings which will feature retail  plus 680 residential suites. This is now being revised for 2 towers – 1 @48 storeys and 1 @53 storeys with the unit count to increase to 939 units

    ·       -         1984 Yonge Street (W/S)- an application approved for a project 9 storey high rise building which will feature retail  plus 20 residential rental suites. This project was approved in 2018 but building has not commenced. (No change October 2023)


    ·       -         2010 -2050 Yonge Street  (W/S between Glebe West and Lola Road)-an application is currently under review for a 14 storey high rise building which will feature retail  plus 164 residential suites. (No change October 2023)

    ·       -         2100 Yonge Street  (W/S -N/W corner of Yonge and Manor Road)-an application is approved for a 14 storey high rise building which will feature retail  plus 164 residential suites. (construction underway October 2023)

    ·       -         2112-2114 Yonge Street (W/S – S/W corner of Hillsdale West and Yonge -former Sammy’s Garage) approved by the Committee of Adjustment  for 12 storeys and 70 residential units. Construction underway October 2023.Completion expected in 2024.

    ·       -         2128 Yonge Street (W/S N/W corner of Hillsdale West and Yonge (former Firestone Garage) under review  for 12 storey, 80 residential units. (No change October 2023)

    ·       -         2200 Yonge Street (Canada Square block bounded by Yonge Street /Eglinton West/ Duplex / Berwick). This is a 2-phase redevelopment project currently under review with an anticipated completion date of 10 / 15 years. The OPA Board is actively involved in this process and are advocating for strict traffic measures to control incursion into our community. (No change October 2023)

    ·       -         25 Imperial Street (S/S between Yonge and TTC ROW)- an application is currently under review for a 14 storey high rise building which will feature 144 residential suites. (No change October 2023)

    ·       -         26 Imperial Street (N/S between Yonge and TTC ROW)- an application is currently under review for a 9 storey high rise building which will feature 30 residential suites. (No change October 2023)

    ·       -         523 Eglinton Avenue West – (west of Tarlton)is currently under review for a 7 storey mid rise with 35 rental units. (No change October 2023)


    Community Involvement

    -         We held a Community Skating Party co-hosted by Councillor Josh Matlow on Saturday February 25, 2022 at North Toronto Memorial Community Center. We had excellent attendance from the neighbourhood and the OPJPS community. With thanks to Board Member Nancy Bell for organizing this event.

    - We made a donation on behalf of the Association to ‘Churches on the Hill’ food bank which serves our local community.

    Sponsoring churches are Calvin Presbyterian Church, Christ Church Deer Park (Anglican), Grace Church-on-the-Hill (Anglican), Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Catholic), St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Latvian Church, Timothy Eaton Memorial Church (United) and Yorkminster Park Baptist Church in Toronto.

    Approval of AGM Minutes: November 15,2022

    ·       -         The minutes were approved.

    Treasurer’s Report

    We had an increase in membership dues this year but we also had an increase in lapsed memberships which is a common occurrence with organizations such as the OPA.

    Our balance sheet remains stable and the Board does not anticipate any adverse impacts over the coming year.

      Copies of the Financial Statement are available.

    Overview of operations

    ·      The association collects annual memberships from its members to support out activities.

    ·      The members consist of residents from Oriole Park who have joined the association.

    ·      All residents are encouraged to join the association and we encourage you to encourage your neighbours and friends to join and support our association.

    ·      The Association charges its members $100 for a 3 year membership or $40 for a one year membership.

    ·      There are no paid positions in the Association – all activities are carried out by volunteers.


    Review of financial statements:

    ·      The annual financial statements consists of a profit and loss statement which shows cash received and recorded as income less cash paid out and recorded as expense for the year ended September 30, 2023.

    ·      The balance sheet presents a listing of the assets owned and liabilities of the OPA as at September 30, 2023.

    ·      The financial statements record only cash transactions, and like the financial statements of all Not for Profit Organizations do not record the financial value of donated services by the many OPA members and other volunteers who contribute their time.

    ·       -         Committee Reports

    ·       -         The Davisville Community Centre 

    ·       -         The Centre is in pre construction mode with all required approvals. Construction is to commence in June 2024 and scheduled completion is February 2027

    -         Oriole Parkway Revitalization

    ·       The design of the project has been finalized and the budget in place for the project. Completion is scheduled for Spring / Summer 2025.

                  The City website for the project is:

    ·       Eglinton LRT

    ·       -          We continue to attend Bi-monthly meetings with Metrolinx / Crosslinx and other community groups including the Eglinton Way BIA and Avenue Road Eglinton Community Association. There is still no hard deadline for the system to be activated but the Chaplin and Avenue Road Stations are complete,  and the streetscape is being restored.

         TPS 53 Division Community Police Liaison Committee.

    ·       We have been active with the Committee and assisted in bringing forth messages on safety and crime prevention in the neighbourhood.

    ·       The website for 53 Division and staff is:


    Our primary liaison is Constable Timothy Somers - Crime prevention & Community Relations Officer.

    ·       Phone: 416-808-5337

    ·       -         Election of the Board of Directors for 2022/2023

    ·       -         The current Board has stood for re-election namely:

    ·       -         Bruce Huggins; Daryle Hunt; Deborah Staiman; Lynne Frank; Heather Harris; Ron Hutchinson; Steve Sims; David McMahon;

    ·       -         . Shelley Ortved and Richard MacFarlane will remain on the Board for another term as Special Advisers.

    ·       Nancy Bell has retired from the Board. We thank Nancy for her service to the Oriole Park Community over the years.


    ·       -         Adjournment of formal portion of meeting

             Questions to the Board

    ·       -         Those in attendance asked questions to the Board relating to ongoing development; Oriole Parkway Revitalization ; and requested an update of the Canada Square redevelopment.

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    Oriole Park Association

  • April 12, 2024 11:14 AM | David McMahon (Administrator)

    The referenced 19 storey project is proposed for the north side of Eglinton West west of  Castleknock and includes the buildings from Starbucks to Josephsons Optical.

    The OPA is working in conjunction with the Avenue Road Eglinton Community Association (our neighbours to the north) to oppose the project as presented.

    This proposal contravenes the Yonge-EgIinton Secondary Plan of maximum 8 storeys; sets a dangerous precedent & violates the preservation of the character of the Egiinton Way Village.

    Councillor Mike Colle (Ward 8) is hosting a Community Meeting with Planning on Friday April 19 at IOam-11:30am to provide a project update and to hear your concerns.

    Pre-register with Casey Richardson:

    Voice your opposition in an email to:

    City Planner: Valeria Maurizio;

    Councillor Mike Colle;

    Councillor Josh Matlow;

    Learn more at:

    Avenue Road Eglinton Community Association

  • April 11, 2024 5:04 PM | David McMahon (Administrator)

    The City of Toronto is planning to make changes on Oriole Parkway as part of upcoming road resurfacing. The changes support the City’s commitment the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan. The Plan’s goal is to eliminate traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries by making our roads safer for everyone, especially for seniors, school children, and people walking and cycling.

    The greening of the Oriole Parkway centre median supports the City of Toronto’s objectives to increase tree canopy coverage and will help provide local mitigation to climate change.

    For further information :

  • April 09, 2024 11:12 AM | David McMahon (Administrator)

    Community Groups,

    Please click on this LINK for TIPS to protect your vehicles !

    PLEASE consider use of the hardware available to furter stop thieves from taking your car !


    Thank you

    Constable Timothy Somers #90023

    Toronto Police Service

    53 Division

    Community Response Unit

    Crime Prevention – Community Safety Officer Office 416-808-5337 Mobile 416-473-6314

  • April 04, 2024 5:07 PM | David McMahon (Administrator)

    Good morning everyone,

    We welcome you to join us in our upcoming, inter faith, “Prayer Walk” taking place on Thursday, April 11, 2024 commencing at 1230hrs.  

    The Toronto Police Service is liaising with faith leaders across each Division, welcoming members of all faith communities to join together for a 1 hour, leisurely walk around the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood, with two scheduled stops in park space for prayer/mindful meditation.

    We aim to encourage “Unity in the Community” through prayerful relations, among TPS Divisions and local Faith-Leaders who are valuable “bridge builders” to the community.

    1200pm - gathering in the D53 Division lobby, 75 Eglinton Ave West.;

    1230pm - Step out as a group; and

    130pm - return to 53 Division and disperse.

    Thank you,



    Lee Anne CHONG | CRU Clerk


    Toronto Police Service | 53 Division Community Response Unit

    75 Eglinton Avenue W, Toronto, Ontario  M4R 2G9

    Phone: 416-808-5319


  • March 21, 2024 2:33 PM | David McMahon (Administrator)

    The Honorable Roy McMurtry who was a Past President of the Oriole Park Association (1971-1973) and a long time member has passed away at 91.

    The Board of the OPA,  on behalf of the community, wish to express our condolences to the McMurtry Family at this time and show our appreciation for all the support that we received from both he and his family through the years.

    The Honorable Roy McMurtry, was elected to our former  Eglinton riding in Toronto in 1975 and was immediately appointed Attorney General for 10 years under Progressive Conservative premier Bill Davis.Afterwords  he then spent several years as Canada’s High Commissioner to Great Britain until he was appointed a Judge in 1991.Subsequently ,he served as Associate Chief Justice, then Chief Justice of the Superior Court, before being appointed to the Appeal Court as Chief Justice of Ontario.

    'The Honorable McMurtry also played a pivotal role in negotiating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and patriating Canada’s Constitution during his time in government,' said the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

    He will be missed for his ongoing commitment to the people of the community, the Province of Ontario and Canada.

  • March 18, 2024 2:41 PM | David McMahon (Administrator)

    TPS 53 Division is organizing a bicycle donation progrram to collect both childrens and adult bicycles in any condition.

    The bicycles may be dropped off at 53 Division or the Gateway Bike Hub at 10 Gateway Blvd. Suite 100B. Pick up can also be arranged.

    For mmore information call 416-551-2022 - The Gateway Bike Hub or

  • March 15, 2024 2:03 PM | David McMahon (Administrator)

    On Saturday May 25 ,2024 OPJPS will host its annual Mayfair event........ and community volunteers are welcome.

    If you are available and able to support this annual event please contact Principal Neil Quimby @

    Bring your friends and family to Oriole Park School's Annual Mayfair! There will be lots of fun and activities for the whole family.

    Oriole Park Public School is located at 80 Braemar Avenue, one block west of Avenue Rd. at Eglinton.

    All proceeds go toward enriching childhood education at Oriole Park School. SEE YOU THERE!

  • January 23, 2024 10:19 AM | David McMahon (Administrator)


    All residential property owners are required to declare the occupancy status of their residential property(ies) annually.

    Declare the 2023 occupancy status of your residential property. Owners of properties in Toronto that are classified within the residential property tax class are required to declare occupancy status every year. The deadline to declare is February 29, 2024.

    The link for the declaration to register your property is:

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As we all know our neighbourhood is subject to serious development pressure, and development issues have occupied much of the board’s time. Among these issues are:

Community Development Committee of Adjustment – Single Family Homes

The OPA keeps a close eye on applications for home renovations and tear- downs in our neighbourhood.

We receive details about applications from the Committee including a description of the proposed changes and the deadline for submitting to the committee. We forward information about homes in our area to a special email list. You can subscribe here: Oriole Park Association - Committee of Adjustment notices.

Metrolinx – Eglinton LRT

The OPA is involved in the ongoing process of the development of the new Light Rail Transit line in our area.

One major concern for the community is that Eglinton Avenue is to have restricted lanes westbound between Oriole Parkway and Braemar Avenue for the construction of the Avenue Road Station.

The proposals as detailed below will last until 2021.

The businesses on the north side will have very restricted access and visibility.

The second concern is that Metrolinx in their initial proposal wished to ‘clear cut’ the area on the south side of the North Toronto Community Center between the eastern driveway and the western boundary beside the ‘Art Barn’ building. The area is to be used for storage and construction vehicles

The OPA community involvement is:

  • We attend meetings on behalf of the membership and community as well as sit on a ‘working group’ Chaired by Councillor Cristin Carmichael-Greb (Ward 16) and as supported by our Councillor Josh Matlow ( Ward 22).
  • The working group is comprised of elected officials; Senior City of Toronto Staff including Metrolinx and Crosslinx staff. The local residents associations are represented by the Eglinton Avenue Road Community Association: the Eglinton Park Ratepayers Association as well as the OPA.
  • We will provide updates via our Twitter and Facebook Accounts as well our email subscribers as they come available.

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