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June 23, 2023 8:26 AM | David McMahon (Administrator)

911 Accidental Call Increase

Communications Services is experiencing a dramatic increase in call volume. In the last month, this increase has mainly been caused by no response, pocket dial and hang up calls, which make up between 40 and 50 per cent of all daily 911 calls.

We are making this public service announcement to raise awareness to the problem and give a call to action to the public on how to prevent accidental 911 calls and what to do if they call 911 by mistake.

How to prevent accidental 911 calls:

  • ·       Review the settings on your mobile phone to choose your emergency alert settings and to lock it appropriately, based on your needs. (Note: review these periodically as your device settings may reset after a manufacturer’s update.) To update your emergency settings:
  • iPhone: click on “Settings” and “Emergency SOS”
  • Android: click on “Settings” and “Safety and emergency”
  • ·       Store your phone properly so it is not bouncing around in your purse or in your pocket to be sat on. If the side button is pressed five times, it could initiate a 911 call.
  • ·       Do not let children play with active or old phones. Even if your old phone is unregistered with no SIM card or cell phone plan, it can still call 911.
  • ·       Do not program 911 into your phone.
  • ·       Do not call 911 to see if it is working.

What to do if you call 911 by mistake:

  • ·       Stay on the line. When you call 911, the call is tracked in the queue, even if you hang up. Please stay on the line to inform the call taker that you are safe to avoid having them call you back.
  • ·       If you do hang up, an operator will contact you to make sure you are safe. This takes time away from answering other 911 emergency calls.

Constable Timothy Somers #90023

Toronto Police Service

53 Division

Community Response Unit

Crime Prevention – Community Safety Officer

Office 416-808-5337

Mobile 416-473-6314

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