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2 Nov 2019 11:30 AM | David McMahon (Administrator)

Nov 1, 2019


Mining operations are underway at both the Secondary Entrance and the Main Entrance sites. Mining occurs on a 24 hour a day, seven days a week. Read the construction notice for more detail.

What work is taking place? 

  • The mining excavation sequence continues between the Main and Secondary Entrances and east of the Secondary Entrance between Oriole Parkway and Eastbourne Avenue. This sequence includes drilling roof supports, removal of earth and coating exposed surfaces with shotcrete. Excavation east of the Secondary Entrance is expected to be completed in July 2020.
  • Periodic removal of temporary concrete walls is underway for the next 2-3 weeks in the cavern between the Main and Secondary Entrances. This involves continuous breaking of concrete for short periods of time and may be more noticeable to those closest to the construction location.

 What work is coming up? 

  • Southbound lane closures on Avenue Road will be required for concrete pours in November 2019 – please review the Construction Activity Schedule for more information.

Mining Information 

General mining activities occur in a continuous sequence, including drilling roof supports, excavation under the roof supports and spraying of concrete to finalize exposed areas underground. Within the excavation portion of the sequence, periodic removal of concrete sections of the existing tunnels is required as well as periodic chipping of temporary concrete linings. When possible, crews complete higher impact works during the day, however due to the sequence nature of the work and the engineering requirements related to ground stability and cavern integrity, sometimes noticeable activity occurs overnight.

Noise and Vibration Mitigation

Noise and vibration impacts to your building depend on your proximity to the source and how the vibrations travel through the soil and interact with the foundation and structure of your building. Crosslinx Transit Solutions has implemented several noise reductions measures on site to mitigate the impact felt by the community during mining activities. Enclosures are used to cover equipment like generators and pumps, silencers are used to reduce noise from fans, and delivery routes and times are selected to minimize disruption – just to name a few.


If you experience disruption from mining activities, please call our 24/7 phone line at 416-782-8118.

Construction Activities





Concrete Pours

  • Concrete pours will occur approximately once per week over the next year.
  • Concrete trucks will be staged in the existing laydown area on the north side of Eglinton Avenue and exit the site at the gate on the west end of the site.
  • Some of the trucks will be required to back into the west gate of the secondary entrance due to coordination with other construction activities that will be underway during the concrete pour. 
  • 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Weekly
  • November 4, 6 and 7, 2019

Connection Bore Holes
West of Main Entrance
*more details in CLC deck from September 4

  • Additional connection holes to the tunnels are required to facilitate final lining activities and deliver concrete to the cavern level
  • Drilling of the bore holes will occur just west f the Main Entrance.


  • Drilling will take approximately one (1) week.
  • Mid-November 2019

Dewatering Well Maintenance
Periodic maintenance of dewatering wells as required.

  • Periodic maintenance will be ongoing and require a short duration (1 day) enclosure around the well in the right of way
  • A compressor and occasional hydrovac truck will be used to complete the maintenance
  • Ongoing
  • 9am to 4pm


Monitoring Work

  • Equipment is installed in various locations around the station are to monitor ground movement during construction.

Read the construction notice for more detail.

  • To install the monitoring equipment in the ground, crews move from location to location around the station area. Typically, a drilling machine is used to drill the hole where the monitor will be installed.
  • If on the sidewalk, pedestrians may need to be routed around the work zone (sidewalks stay open). If on the roadway, a short-term lane closure may be required.
  • Readings will be taken regularly for the duration of the project.
  • Installations planned to be complete in the next few months.


  • Ongoing monitoring

Currently installations are focused east of Secondary entrance

Stay Informed

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Thank you for your continued patience as we work to build this important project.
Please support your local businesses during construction.


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