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December 09, 2022 3:45 PM | David McMahon (Administrator)







6:45 PM: Online Registration Commences

7:00PM : President’s Welcome

7:05: Guest Speakers / Panelists Theme: Local Issues & Concerns Q&A

To be moderated by Ms. Nancy Bell

  • -         Councillor Josh Matlow for Ward 12, Toronto- St. Paul’s
  • -         Councillor Matlow provided the annual update to the community
  • -         Toronto Police Services- S/S James Hogan- Community Update
  • -         S/S Hogan provided the annual update to the community and introduced the new Neighbourhood Watch Program .
  • -         Toronto Police Services – D/C Marlon Laptiste -Integrated Gang
  • -         Prevention Task Force.
  • -         D/C Laptiste detailed the TPS gang intervention and human trafficking strategies. We will schedule a community wide meeting in the spring for a full presentation.
  • -         Nancy Bell moderated the Q & A session after the presentations.
  • -        

AGM Meeting - Chair: David McMahon

  • -         President’s Remarks
  • -         The meeting commenced at 7:00pm and ended +/-9:30pm
  • -         When I joined the OPA Board in 2015 the only issues that we were involved were the planning for the Davisville Community Center and assisting our friends at ARECA with the Yitz redevelopment.
  • -         We are currently monitoring 7 mid rise condo/rental projects as well as the Canada Square Redevelopment proposal.
  • -         Canada Square Working Group is comprised of all the local ratepayer groups in the Y/E area as well as representatives from both school boards and various condo / rental groups. Over the past year we have met many times to chart a path of community wants in the redevelopment process. We concur with the needs for open space and educational facilities and the ‘asks’ in general but our main concern which has yet to be addressed is the current and projected traffic intrusion problems that we face. The OPA is taking up the traffic issue alone as the other members of the Working Group are not effected.
  • -         The Oriole Park Traffic Safety Group has been meeting with our Councillor and various City Departments to try and execute a plan that will make our community streets safer (refer Canada Square).
  • -         The Oriole Parkway Revitalization Committee has been meeting with Councillor Matlow and City Staff to finalize a plan to ‘redo’ the street. This commenced in 2016 and hopefully will be finalized with the completion of the LRT expected in 2022.
  • -         Approval of AGM Minutes: November 18,2020
  • -         The minutes were approved.
  • -         Treasurer’s Report
  • -         Our Member Surplus  position increased to $12,453 an increase of +/-$2000  over 2020
  • -         Our Expenses increased by +/-$400 due to increased newsletter distribution mainly reflecting the Canada Square community notification /survey.
  • -         Membership Dues received were basically unchanged with $4310 received in 2021 vs $4300 in 2020.
  • -         Copies of the Financial Statement are available.

Overview of operations

·      The association collects annual memberships from its members to support out activities.

·      The members consist of residents from Oriole Park who have joined the association.

·      All residents are encouraged to join the association and we encourage you to encourage your neighbours and friends to join and support our association.

·      The Association charges its members $100 for a 3 year membership or $40 for a one year membership.

·      There are no paid positions in the Association – all activities are carried out by volunteers.

·      Activities of the Association include getting involved in those areas which affect the residents:

o   Traffic and parking.

o   Development.

o   Community Affairs.

o   Infrastructure.

o   City Services.

o   Organizing the Garden of the Year award.

o   Organizing and advertising for a community garage sale.

Review of financial statements:

·      The annual financial statements consists of a profit and loss statement which shows cash received and recorded as income less cash paid out and recorded as expense for the year ended September 30, 2021.

·      The balance sheet presents a listing of the assets owned and liabilities of the OPA as at September 30, 2021.

·      The financial statements record only cash transactions, and like the financial statements of all Not for Profit Organizations do not record the financial value of donated services by the many OPA members and other volunteers who contribute their time.

Fiscal 2021

  • ·      The revenue of $4,310 represents contributions from approximately 71 families
  • ·      Expenses, typically include:
  • o   Advertising & Marketing- newsletter costs
  • o   Insurance – Directors and Officers insurance.
  • o   Dues and subscriptions - $50 membership fee in FONTRA.
  • o   Garage sale signs
  • o   Newsletters, office supplies, web site and membership software.
  • -         Secretary’s Report
  • -         Position vacant so no formal report. No change in administrative matters.
  • -         Committee Reports
  • -         Nancy Bell updated on the progression of the Davisville Community Centre which is at the design stage.
  • -         We maintain our membership in FoNTRA but the consensus is that the organization is branching out to Planning issues throughout the City and are not focused on our Midtown concerns.
  • -         We continue to monitor the progress of the Eglinton LRT project through attendance at the Construction Liaison Committee.
  • -         We are members of the TPS 53 Division Community Police Liaison Committee.
  • -         As previously noted we are members of the Canada Square Working Group; Oriole Park Traffic Safety Group and the Oriole Parkway Revitalization Committee
  • -         Election of the Board of Directors for 2021/2022
  • -         The current Board has stood for reelection namely:
  • -         Bruce Huggins; Daryle Hunt; Deborah Staiman; David McMahon; Lynne Frank; Nancy Bell; Paul Nimigon (leave of absence); Ron Hutchinson; Steve Sims. NOTE: Shelley Ortved will remain on the Board for another term but as a Special Adviser. Richard MacFarlane Special Advisor will assist as time permits due to other obligations. Heather Harris left the Board in July 2021 after being an important contributor for many years. .
  • -         Adjournment of formal portion of meeting

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